Where will money raised for Underpass go to?

45% of the money raised will be donated to Foodhall, a volunteer-powered Sheffield dining space and kitchen who, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, are working to provide food parcels, meals, essential supplies and support. Foodhall is the Sheffield branch of the National Food Service and has also received lots of attention for its brilliant work in national media recently. Foodhall intercepts food waste and uses this surplus to serve hot meals, tackle social isolation and encourage intergration across a diverse range of groups.

45% of the money raised will be donated to the ‘NHS Charities Together – Covid 19 Urgent Appeal’. This money will then be distributed nationally funding grants to help NHS charities support NHS staff, volunteers and patients in ways above and beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide, including wellbeing packs and costs associated with travel, parking, accommodation and volunteer expenses. 

The remaining 10% of the money raised will be retained by us, Sheffield RAG. This will contribute towards our running costs and enable us to continue to support students to charity fundraise and put on events like this in future!

Please remember that Gift Aid does not count toward this fundraising total. Gift Aid is additional money claimed back from HMRC and is used to help Sheffield RAG meet their core costs, along with the 10% (please see www.sheffieldrag.com for more details).

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